Towermint Studios

Towermint Studios is a music production company that creates music for corporate events, presentations, advertisements, and training videos. Background music for webinars, tutorials, blogs, or independent films is also an avenue of Towermint Studios. Samples of my music can be found below.

Composing music is a passion of mine, from writing pop songs or advertising jingles, to full scale opera or choral pieces. I created Towermint Studios in 2017 as an outlet for my desire to compose. The possibility to collaborate as an artist with the business world is very exciting. Something as routine as a webinar video or a training video can spring to life with the addition of music and the collaboration between art and business is a powerful partnership that can lead to a mutual understanding of both worlds.

My ultimate goal with Towermint Studios is to create a series of short operas that are portable and have a wide appeal. For more information please click the link below to look at my current project, “God from the Machine”. To see samples of my music for Towermint Studios please view the videos below.