Burlesque Opera, on tour.

I’ve just returned from doing Frank Matthus’ new burlesque opera, “A Bad Man’s Life”. We premiered the piece near Berlin this summer and have just finished touring the piece through Latvia and Estonia, two countries I had never seen before. The opera is one of the most violent, sexual, and intellectually stimulating pieces I’ve ever been a part of, people seem to either love the piece or hate it, which is often the case with such works. The piece is a combination of the story Faust from Goethe and Baal from Brecht. It is where my character’s name “Faal” comes from. The tour will hopefully continue with a stop in Moscow Russia before coming back to Germany. I found Tallinn Estonia to be one of the most vibrant, lively, and exciting places I have been to in awhile and would recommend it as a holiday spot for anyone.

Jared Ice