Jared Ice

Jared Ice

Creating my own way in opera

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I grew up in Seattle, USA where I had my first experiences with music by listening to Nirvana and playing in rock bands. In University, while studying music business, I found my way into opera and it has been my passion ever since. After finishing my Master’s at the University of Washington and a few summers training with Dolora Zajick at the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices, I began my professional singing career in the USA. From country western musicals in South Carolina to Off-Broadway productions in New York to classic opera productions in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Las Vegas, I gathered as much experience as I could before relocating to Europe.

Shortly after coming to Germany in 2013, I won the International Kammeroper Schloss Rhiensberg Singing Competition. Later that year I performed the role of Holofernes in Siegfried Matthus’ opera Judith with the Staatstheater Braunschweig. Over the next few years I went on to perform many of Mr. Matthus’ new operas, with world premieres in Bochum, Frankfurt, and Berlin. I returned to the Rheinsberg summer festival in 2016 to sing the role of Scarpia in Puccini’s Tosca. Directly after, I made my debut at the Hamburger Kammeroper in Hamburg, where I sang over 30 performances as Count Walter in Verdi’s Luisa Miller. I returned a final time to Rheinsberg in 2018 to sing “A Bad Man’s Life”, a new burlesque opera from Siegfried Matthus’ son, Frank Matthus. The opera had it’s premiere near Berlin with a tour through Latvia and Estonia directly after. For more information about my performing or to hear samples please visit my media page.

Singing is my main passion within opera, but seeing the art form evolve is something I am also extremely passionate about. In 2018 I started the opera podcast “Sex, Drugs, and Opera” with the intent that great ideas can be discussed simply. Opera singers don’t often discuss opera among ourselves like the public might expect and our discussions, for certain groups of people, might be even more engaging than traditional platforms. The podcast as been growing rapidly and we’re transitioning into a platform where singers can share stories, advice, and information with each other at sexdrugsandopera.com

While performing opera and stimulating a discussion about the art form are of great importance to me, seeing the creation of new innovative works is also a priority. That’s why in 2018 I also founded my own composition and music production company, Towermint Studios. A great deal of what I do at Towermint Studios is creating music for corporate training videos, advertisements or webinars. Having one foot in the music world with the other in collaboration with the business world as always been my goal. Ultimately my aim with Towermint Studios is to create a platform where I can compose portable, exciting operas that have a wide appeal. My objective is to create an experience that young adults, without any exposure to opera, would find exciting. You can find more information on Towermint Studios and my first opera “God from the Machine” on my website under the composer section.

Music needs performers and creators and none of that is possible without educators. Which is why being active in education is also of great importance to me. My music career began with singing pop and rock music. I transitioned in university to opera and that has been my priority ever since, but I’ve always found it important to be active in the pop world. It brings prospective and keeps us flexible as singers both mentally and vocally. I enjoy teaching pop/rock lessons and operatic lessons equally. My voice studio is located in Darmstadt, Germany. For more information visit my educator section.

If you would like additional information regarding a specific project I am currently involved in, or would like to inquire about the possibility of a collaboration, please feel free to contact me directly on my contact page.

Jared Ice