Jared Ice Performer


I’m currently based in Frankfurt Germany and enjoy being involved in all types of performing, from small scale modern projects to traditional main stage opera productions. Concert repertoire is an equally large component of my passion for singing and performing, but making art with good people is my goal. Click below to see more of my life as a performer.

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Sex, Drugs, and Opera

Podcast Host

I founded the Sex, Drugs, and Opera Podcast in 2018 with the idea that the way singers talk about opera is often different from what the public is presented. SDAO is an explicit podcast that discusses opera as an art form as well as what it means to be a singer. Click below to find out more.

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Towermint Studios


I founded Towermint Studios in 2017 with the goal of creating music for independent films and corporate events. Ultimately, Towermint Studios serves as a platform for me to compose in various genres with the end objective being to create short operas that have a wide appeal and are portable. My target is to reach a demographic that would not usually find themselves in a concert hall and engage them in an operatic experience. To find out more about my composition and outreach projects, click the link below.

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Jared Ice Educator


I’ve always believed that educating is a benefit to both teacher and student. I equally enjoy teaching both classical and pop/rock genres. To find out more about my experience as a classical and pop vocal coach, click the link below.

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